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Transform Your Business with Cisco Refurbished Equipment

Cisco refurbished equipment offers a cost-effective alternative to new equipment, while maintaining top performance and reliability. Upgrade without breaking the bank and experience improved data transfer, enhanced security, and streamlined communication today.

Genuine Certified Refurbished Computer Equipment

Your Sustainable Option for Affordable Technology

Our refurbished computer equipment offers an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to stay up to date with the latest technology. Whether you are a student or a business, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Unbeatable Prices

Our refurbished equipment is priced competitively, offering you amazing savings without sacrificing quality or performance.

Manufacturer Supported

Purchasing certified remanufactured equipment from Cisco qualifies you for the same warranty and support benefits as if you were buying new products.

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Reduce your budget and your environmental footprint

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Cisco Refresh and Excess

ITHelp are recognised as an authority on IT Support and Software Subscriptions, we offer advice and online purchasing of Extended Warranty and IT Support Services.

Cisco Refresh and Cisco Excess - Refurbished by Cisco

Saving money and reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing second user or refurbished Cisco Networking Equipment makes business sense, but buyer beware when purchasing products on the secondary market. Used Cisco products are frequently not what they seem, thankfully fakes and counterfeits are rare but that ASR chassis you just purchased is quite likely to be a mashup.

Cisco introduced CCRE Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment in 2001 to compete against the secondary market, offering price-competitive refurbished equipment with standard Cisco Warranties and with full legal licenses.

CCRE evolved into Cisco Refresh and Cisco Excess. Cisco Refresh being equipment that has been remanufactured by Cisco to an “As New” condition and Cisco Excess being refurbished by Cisco to a “Used” Condition.

As both Cisco Refresh and Cisco Excess carry the standard Cisco Warranty, and both are eligible for Cisco Smart Net Support, the only real difference between the two is the packaging and the price.

ITHSC offer both Cisco Refresh and Cisco Excess, and are able to add Cisco Smart Net as required to offer complete peace of mind and full Cisco Compliance.

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