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Cisco CCNA Voice Certification

Cisco CCNA Voice Training

The CCNA is the second tier of the Cisco Career Certification path.

Entry Associate Professional Expert Architect

The CCNA Voice Certification validates that the holder has the knowledge and skills needed to administer a voice network. Obtaining a CCNA Voice certification demonstrates the skills necessary for a specialised role within voice technologies such as voice technologies administrator, voice engineer, and voice manager. The CCNA Voice Certification shows that the holder has skills in the following:

  • VoIP technologies (e.g IP PBX)
  • IP telephony
  • handset
  • call control
  • Voicemail solutions.

The following certifications are also offered at Associate level, but require further Cisco training courses and exams for certification:

The following is a list of courses offered within this Cisco training category.

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