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Cisco SMARTnet and Licencing
Cisco SMARTnet Pricing
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Why buy Used Cisco when you can buy good as new?

Used Cisco Network Equipment does not normally come with a valid licence

The Cisco software that runs on Cisco hardware is not transferable unless specifically allowed under the Cisco Software Licence Transfer and Re-Use Policy. If you purchase used Cisco equipment, you must acquire a new licence from Cisco before the device can legally be used.

The Cisco Software Licence Transfer Policy does not apply to used cisco equipment that originates from and transfers to Europe, but this exception only applies to transfers between two Cisco End Users.

Transfers within Europe (consisting of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein):

An end user located in Europe can transfer Software to another end user located in Europe ("Transferee") without payment of a new licence fee, as long as the Software:

  • Was originally introduced into Europe by Cisco or Cisco authorized reseller and has not been modified;
  • Is used solely for Transferee's internal business purposes; and
  • Was originally licensed to the Transferor by Cisco on a perpetual basis and is subject to a valid licence agreement

Cisco Smart Software Licensing

The lack of a licence has never prevented use of the equipment, but that is changing. Cisco have introduced Smart Licensing and once activated for your device the absence of a valid licence will cause it to stop working - Cisco call this "Out of Compliance" enforcement.

Used Cisco Refurbished Equipment

Cisco do not authorise or endorse any third party to refurbish Cisco Equipment, but they do offer refurbished equipment themselves. This equipment is covered by Cisco's own warranty, comes complete with a valid licence and is fully eligible for Cisco Support.

ITHelp Used Cisco Policy

ITHelp offer Used Cisco Certified Refurbished Networking Equipment for current Cisco Products, once a product has passed it's End of Support Date we are able to source used equipment but are unable to offer support or licences. We are able to offer third party support for end of life Cisco equipment.

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